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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 7, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EST

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princess and came down the tree a queen, that's true. >> and the good news she's the queen and the bad news is, well, never mind. (laughter) >> that's the tonight marks the show's five-year anniversary. and in house boy terms that's 200 life times. let's go to andy levy. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> how about those giants, america? our top story madonna, mia. and why women are making the super bowl news. and is iran raising an army of female ninjas? probably not, but it is fun to talk about. and finally, how will we celebrate our fifth anniversary? stick around for what is sure to be some hideous clips. >> thank you, andy. >> happy hangover day:
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>> is that a real thing? >> it is for me. >> don't worry, your team will do better next time. the off season is a fine time for hard work. >> this is me when my team wins. >> i am happy for you and your colts. >> my colt expiz enjoyed watching the giants win. >> is that what you are calling them? >> have i two colts. >> i i know you do. she is so cute kittens post pick -- pictures of her cuddling on a pillow. she is from fox business network. if intelligence was a cross-word puzzle i would do him on my coffee table. the tv editor in chief, larry o'connor. he smells of smelliness. it is bill schulz. he has been voted man of the year by the creepy drifter monthly. sitting next to me, jim norton. you must buy his comedy cd. and he is a talking paper.
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it is our new york times correspondent. >> happy anniversary that had zero buzz until the paper started making regular appearances. and while it might be noteworthy in some circumstance el cs, today was our 55,000-- 55,673rd issue printed. happy anniversary to me. no presents necessary. knowing i am better than you is gift enough. >> we owe it all to you coming on "red eye" jie. it is about time you said it. >> i meant it cor was stickily. >> i didn't get it because i was too busy admiring our two-shot. we are on the screen together. >> all right. >> right all. he flipped the bird and set a bad word. mia, if that is a real name proving she is as edgy as a tennis ball gave the finger during the half time show robbing more than a million
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viewers you of their innocence. watch it again. >> i am offended. a source close to the british hip hop startles abc news that her actions were caused by, quote, adrenaline and nerves, ie cocaine. just kidding. as a result of getting caught up in the moment and not an attempt to make any statement. nbc blamed the nfl and the league blames nbc and the delayed system for allowing the gesture to be seen at all. i blame my father who never hugged me. the parent television council is calling for more than a simple apology and nbc could get fined by the fcc for as much as $480 million i don't know if that is right. completely lost in the scandal is madonna's amazing perform ns ma. she is truly america's margaret thatcher. and the giants winning the
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damn game. what a game it was. i believe we have highlights from the fourth quarter drive. >> slow motion off the middle board. >> it is a top that has no fear of tottering. >> from the 10-foot board. the camera catches the fearless form. yes, sir, a gal lent little guy. >> thanks for lending us that tape. >> what did you make of mia's actions? was she daring? >> she is edgy. she implies the f-word. >> and even deaf people could understand which is good. >> that's nice. it is more corn ball rebellion. if you are too hip to take the gig, don't do the gig. i thought the half time show was bad anyway. i like madonna, but i don't want to see a 55-year-old woman holding pom-pom and lip
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sinking and pulling a hamstring. >> i got into an argument. i thought she was lip-syncing and others said she was -- wasn't. >> of course she was. i saw michael jackson do the super bowl. of course not recently. he jumped up on the stage and the crowd went crazy. i looked around and nobody was making a sound. the half time show was all piped in. >> because they suck. it is a weird technological thing. >> even for the national anthem most of the time that person records it ahead of time. it is for audio issues. it is a dicey thing. but it seemed like the second half of the show she was singing. i think she was singing on top of whatever track they were praying for "like a prayer." in the beginning there was no sound. >> mccartney didn't lip-sync and neither did bono. >> the tech know stuff you
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have to lip-sync. with all of the dancing you can't sing. i tried it and it is difficult. >> the most amazing thing was all of the men dressed as gladiators, and she was still the most masculine on stage. that is a compliment. do you think mia was caught in the moment? what she is saying she was. >> no. it was clearly premeditated. she snuck it in there. i don't know about the curse word or not, but the middle finger was clearly number in there. it is a chief move to gain attention. it is not even that controversial. if you are going to do something edgy pull a janet jackson and rip your boob out. do something to shock me. >> it is our fifth anniversary. >> it is a lame move. she stuck her finger up at everybody. people were probably more offended by the blur thinking what it could have been. what it did was took away from madonna who was supposed to be the center of attention. >> that's the travis stey. madonna did something that was
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not half bad and no one is talking about it. >> if you are going to be edgy and own a profane hand signal own it. don't say it was adrenaline and nerves. that's a weak way out. when i have nerves and adrenaline i get flatulent. >> and don't do it like are you sneaking it in there. it was premeditated. >> i am just happy it is a story. i do think it is newsworthy. we are constantly giving the middle finger on tv. >> i am manufacturing so much outrage right now i fear i might not have any for tomorrow's story. >> thank god for tim winter and the parents' council. >> billy arks cording to tmz she may have to pay. she stein s signed a -- she signed a contract for any money the nfl has to pay if anything were to happen. >> she is screwed then. >> but she married the son of the seagrams heir.
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>> your sugar dad can't participate in this payment. >> she is married to the son of a billionaire. >> if you noticed in the tape she has totally lost her baby weight, y'all. >> i will say this. i am told not legitimately as someone mentioned her middle finger smelled like vomit. >> i don't think that's true. >> i read that somewhere. >> i want to run my favorite piece of tape from last night. it was one of the performers who joined madonna on stage. i believe it was mr. luis. >> ♪ got to have it every day >> you know, diane, i keep talking about the lack of role models for young men, and i see that and i am so wrong. >> there is new hope.
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>> forget the clint eastwood ad. this is our half time, america. >> you told me in the green room that -- >> it was like a scene out of "bathhouse." guys in shiny shoes and sitting on steps and it was creepy. >> bill, was he the mvp -- maybe not of that night, but of your life? >> considering how shirt that skirt was he was an mvp, but i don't think we mean player. and why would richard simmons use a pseudonym. this would be great publicity for him. >> why are we singing cirque de soleil -- why are we seeing cirque de soleil during football? >> i was not board. that was entertaining. >> it is a football game. >> usually have i to go to chelsea and pay $85 for that. i was at home in my shorty robe. >> can you give me that address? >> as a comic the lip-syncing annoys me. if you can't sing it -- stand
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ups can't do it sco i dismyself it. >> if you are lip-syncing you better put on a hell of a performance and not doing these yoga moves. >> it was like bing crosby, awful and creepy. >> this is the end of the performance where she wraps it all up. >> jim, you must have shed a tear when you saw "world peace." >> finally a poignant message from 1965. it was not some poorly thought out idea. it was a well thought out and meaningful idea. world peace. >> bill, does it matter that football is an incredibly violent game that generates billions of dollars. it is more important we have world peace out there. >> and shortened lives and massive head trauma. great place to do "world
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peace." as a citizen of the world i was offended they just used english. why not in every english? it is the super bowl. do it. >> it is true world peace will be ushered in by spandex and fish nets. this is the first sign. we are excited. >> i want to ask you, dye anne, about a controversy that occurred after the game. we don't have the tape of giselle saying it because apparently they won't let us run it. that's her on the left. it is hard to tell because they are both outrageously handsome. he is the one with the hair plugs. he went to my high school, by the way, serra high school. thought i would mention it. she says -- i guess she was leaving and making her way through the lucas oil stadium which is a great name after the defeat. some fans were talking to her and they were grieving her grief. she said you -- whatever, are supposed to catch the ball. my husband cannot, blank, throw the ball and catch the
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ball at the same time. basically she is eluding to the ineptitude of the wide receivers. is she putting her husband in a difficult situation? >> the way it was worded in the article was she was getting heckled and that is was her reaction. quite frankly i thought she was a mute up until now. i was happy to hear it. if it was my husband i would have a similar reaction. it made her real and i liked it. >> she was the only one that was honest. that's what happened. he threw the ball -- >> it was a good point. he can't throw and catch the ball. >> for years we thought, can giselle get any hotter? yes. this was so exciting. >> it was sexy, wasn't it? >> yes, and i did a little research on this. i found out that brazilians are fiery. this is a fact. you get her in a situation like that where somebody is talking about herman, whatever portuguese is for "man" and she will go crazy. they are fiery. google it.
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>> i want to make a point, can we just agree to retire the finger? nobody use the finger again. >> i think we could all over use it. in fact, let's do it now. from sac to class, they -- from sasss to class, they are putting it to the test. they are offering a political science course called "occupy everywhere." 32 under grads have signed up to learn about the movement that galvanized the unsanitize since summer of 2011. assignments include reading the newspaper and attending the occupy chicago general assembly meeting. yes, go college. jeff edwards claims he got the idea for the course. what an idea after observing on going debate on the movement's reel vents and impact. also hipy chicks are prey for horny teachers. may not have said that. but he did add this quote -- it is exciting and timely to look at a movement as it
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unfolds in the early years. art 101 is the only exciting time in class i ever took. >> that is delightful. larry, it is almost like -- it is almost painful to ask this question, but this is how bias academia is. you would never see a course like this on -- >> on the tea party. of course not. you talk to those people on wall street or chicago or wherever they are, and one of the big complaints is they have all of these student loans and can't get a job in this economy. they can get more student loans so they can take classes to learn about a protest. they can't take that knowledge to get a job and they will be unemployed. >> that was my point you took. i was going to say the same
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thing. >> good luck with the next five years. >> you want to know it ron nick part? you showered and were on time. they should just show videos from the 60s protest and say do this, but have no idea why you are doing it. >> they need a whole gloss refor that. glossry for that. would you have taken this class? >> no. unless there is more, but all it is on is occupy wall street and the occupy movement in general. it is ridiculous. campuses are bias enough. we don't need a class about joining a movement. i don't think they should get government money. >> there is nothing new here. these are the same people that protested camp ca se y. then they moved to katrina
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during the hurricane and then the gop convention in 2008 and through molotov cocktails. now they found this, and it is a way to push their agenda in a more attractive and smelly way. >> they also created "glee." >> it is time somebody calls them out on that. what do you think inquiring co-eds are get ?g. >> that's the bad part. everything else is great. every college has some kind of class that is made for stoners and by stoners. instead of doing homework, they can have time to get more stoned. in this case you are learning about other stoners. >> that's an interesting point. the message is exactly the same as the message of the professors. the only difference is the professors have tenure and are paid to teachers and these classes. the students get nothing out of it. it is like a rich person who
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does drugs. a guyy hangs around hells kitchen and is high all of the time and if you hang out with him, you will end up broke. >> look at the structure of the university. the professor rtz 1%. these poor students are the 99. >> exactly. >> it seems like a comedy of errors to me. >> you just wrapped it up for me. i can go to the tease. >> you can't lip-sync that. >> and why would you? you would want the original. coming up, do ugly people have a distinct odor? we discuss the new book, your smell. >> and this is our anniversary. and here is the question, what was our original name? look how awful you look, bill.
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should you know some strive before you coach a life? the new york times, a website, reports on a growing number of youngsters who are becoming life coaches. that's right, people like 27-year-old janeen yoder. she is making $125 an hour spouting self-help, i believe. usually she is telling clients things like "i want you all to know that you are all infinitely talented and capable of achieving goals beyond your wildest imagination." yes, she gets paid for that. and then there is a 20-year-old psych major who earns her life life -- life coaching money things like advising a diabetic client to try splen do. splenda. they say the rise of young life coaches can be traced to
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on-line training and programs some of which grants certificates with 80 hours of work. along with more universities offering actual coaching programs. meaning even andy's cat could be a life coach. anyway, i earn learned -- i learned everything i know from this guy. >> i think he needs a life coach , you know what i'm saying? i read this earlier, but something jumped out at me. have you ever dated a psych major that was sane? >> no, i never dated anybody that attended college. that would imply that nondummies are attractive to me. only high school dropouts. >> have you ever come -- i think it is an east coast-west
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coast thing. half of the people don't know what a life coach is. >> it if you are differentiating between life coach and prostitute, no. but if you can lump them, i have met a lot of loif coaches. >> but those are life coaches that do things for you. for $125 actually your life coach does more. >> your life coach gives uh pep talk. you are buying a friend. >> that's the way it should be. that's not what it should be. there are people who do need a life coach. there are people who make stupid decisions all the time. they need somebody to follow them around and say don't do that. they say things like you are talented. you make all of your dreams come true. you need to say things like if you don't want to be single anymore, stop sleeping with married men. if you are a diabetic, step away from the twinkies. >> bill, those were two pieces of advice she was giving to you. don't sleep with married men. >> sorry. look, if they are going to buy me dinner i have to give
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something back. >> if you just went out and just improved yourself you could buy your own dinner. >> are you busy for dinner tonight? >> we will talk after the show. speaking of, the first girl, the one we saw the picture of making $120 an hour, she is not doing life coaching. there may be a little something of a code there. >> i don't want to be smir of the woman because she is cute. we will pretend that never happened. people in their mid20s telling you how to live is hilarious. how old are you, diane? you are older than 25 jie. way older than 25. >> there is something with our generation we don't have confidence in ourselves. why do we need a 20-year-old who hasn't done anything. it has to do with our generation and the fact that our parents didn't do a good job. i am including you. >> you just need friends. you need a friend to tell you
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you are being an ass and this is what you have to do. if you have to pray for a friend you are zilch and a life coach is the right thing anyway. >> that's what i'm saying. that's what you need. not you are so great and you can achieve your dreams. it is the kind of [bleep] your friends and family can't say. sorry, i just cursed. >> wow, i will hire you. >> mia said it was spur of the moment. you just had a spur of the moment. >> adrenaline and nerves. >> my adrenaline got the best of me. >> doesn't it seem like they are doing this whole thing and structuring it so you have to keep paying into it. >> first it was in the 70s. what kind of job was it? you became a personal coach, and now it is a life coach. it is something when you don't know what you are going to do -- >> if your closets are all screwed up, wut -- but it ends up being, you have to leave
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that man you are with. >> i'm sorry, none of those so-called coaches wearing sweater vests had mustaches and smoking a stogie. >> have you ever met thib that was a life coach? i know one or two, but most people thinking of going into it are those people that make the wrong decisions. >> the guy that i actually -- he was a friend of mine who was a life coach and left his job after being engaged to i don't know how many women. i did it because i felt sorry for him. i am going this guy is the most messed up guy. >> he is the last person he would be taking advice from. >> my life coach would be like bobbie knight. >> that would be great. >> you might need that. >> we got bill a death coach who was hired by us to persuade himself to kill himself. >> i out lived him. >> a dom minute nay tricks is
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a great life coach. if you are not feeling good about yourself they say lick my feet. >> that's true. exactly. you walk out you are humbled and hue mill imraited -- humiliated and then feel good about life. >> coming from a potty mouth. do you have a comment on the show? e mail us at red eye at fox one of the days we will run the calls. the half time report from andy levy. hopeful leahy cheers up after the game. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored boy masks. the coverings for the face worn to conceal somebody's identity. thanks, masks.
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let's find out if we have anything wrong so for. so far. hi, andy jie. hi, greg. stop yelling at me. greg, talking about mia, you said if that is her name. >> yes jie. her real name is something i can't pronounce tonight. but her nickname is mia so m.i.a. is something that plays on that. jim you said if you are too
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edgy to take the gig, don't take the gig. but you have to put some of the blame on the nfl or the nbc or somebody else who -- said she was okay. >> madonna had final -- i can't see madonna going into a situation -- i'm babbling. i don't think anybody is to blame. she did something stupid. the nfl can stop pretending they care and nbc can stop pretending it is a big deal. >> i agree. >> i don't like a woman flipping me off when i am in my living room unless i asked for it. >> in the bedroom is a different story. >> i get it a lot. i don't want it from a strappinger. >> -- a stranger. >> understood. you said mia took away from madonna. i have to wonder if madonna didn't want her up there to give her some cred with the younger viewers. in the end it is her own fault. >> that's a fare point. fair point. she wanted some street cred hanging out with niki minaj
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and m.i.a. so she kind of stole the spotlight there. >> if you are going to give the finger own it. don't come out later saying it is it is adrenaline and nerves. >> i think that's another form of exhaustion. >> yes, and by the way i have a finger for you right now, but it is off camera. >> is it in a jar like last time? >> yes. >> excellent. >> and abner didn't invent football. >> it is a joke. >> he invented basketball. >> he is considered the father of american football. >> you know your pigskin, andy. >> dye anne you said if emily were making notes -- you said if tom brady was qlor -- was your husband -- sigh -- you would have the same reaction as giselle.
3:34 am
they say multiple sources in the patriot organization which apparently tmz has are saying she violated their, quote, code of brotherhood which is win as a team and lose as a team. >> i didn't know about the code of brotherhood. i thought it made her human. they never show her personality. i liked having a peek at that. >> it is like a guy code. >> a bro code. >> you know what rises above the code of brotherhood? the code of i am hot hood. >> she should have said, there is a reason i didn't marry welker. >> i'm sure he liked it. >> that's welker, the receiver who dropped the pass. >> every woman i ever dated would have sold me out and sided with the heckler, so good good for her. >> you are right. he is a loser. >> i think men do like women coming to their defense. women like men coming to their defense. i think he liked it. >> but it is not -- it is going to maybe make life difficult in the clubhouse for a day or two.
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>> poor tom brady. >> they will forgive her. it is giselle. >> it wasn't really a heckle. >> what was that? >> it wasn't really a heckle. i was just commenting on something. >> when? >> never mind. >> okay. i can't wait until we actually tape this show. greg you said associate professor edwards says one of the reason he is teaching the course is prepy chicks were easy prey for teachers. tts implied, isn't it? >> it is implied. let's face it, that's the pay of yo. that's the only reason you get into that ideology is to get naive chicks. >> or kiss in college in general. >> they stay the same age. you get older. >> larry you agreed that a college would never have a class on the tea party.
3:36 am
they would focus on things like the similarity to the clan. >> and i agree with greg because he told me to agree with everything. >> that's completely understandable. >> and nyu is offering a course. columbia said it wasn't ready for the school administrators. also worth noting, they included hamilton and tv's andy levy, and only three have campus buildings named after them. it >> it is a travis stey. >> so who else has the building? >> me and hamilton. you said a class like this shouldn't get government, ie, taxpayer money. but why? it is an elect tiff. >> it is an elect tiff, but it is a politically skewed class. >> as opposed to other classes. >> they are bias enough, but it is so blatant that
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government money shouldn't go to something propaganda. >> stop saying government money. it is taxpayer money. >> young life coaches. jim, i don't think lumping life coaches and prostitutes is fair. >> i know. i said what are you doing dater? she says getting some life coaching. i said good for you and she throws me a towel. >> well, you sweat. it is hard work. >> if you are not sweating you are not learning. >> yes, that girl was working hard with her legs crossed. >> that implied she was successful. >> i love pictures like that. i better figure out a way to sit. i better put my feet up on something. >> i was just saying i don't think she was working hard. >> i realize that janeen lives
3:38 am
in my neighborhood. i don't think i will say anything bad about her. >> i like how your journalism is affected by something as trivial as location. >> i am going to e mail her before this airs and i will tell her there is a problem with my chakra. >> you think they say not to date married men is worth while. you have bigger problems. >> you need a life coach. if you need somebody to follow you around and tell you not to make stupid decisions. >> if you are paying for a life coach you need another life coach that tells you not to pay for the life coach. >> larry, you said we need somebody 22 telling us how to live our life. since the life coaches are only supposed to be helping clients to hear themselves and hold themselves accountable to the goals they set, it doesn't matter how old the coach is.
3:39 am
>> they get paid for that? >> unbelievable. i love this country. god bless, america. >> i am done. >> all right. see you later. andy is coming back over here to the table. he is come frght kid di e table. we are talking about something exciting coming up, our five-year anniversary. that's five years in the making. >> have i andy's seat all warm for him. >> that's good.
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it has been five years and countless tears. mostly from my house boy, mario. monday marked "red eye" fifth anniversary. it was a different time then. andy had highlights in his hair. and that's all i remember. i thought we would take a look
3:43 am
at "red eye" in the early days before it was even" red eye." the show was called "waste land." check it out, check it outers. >> hillary is throwing her hat hat -- or her bonnet so to speak in the ring. she is a woman and likes to wear a bonnet. on a scale of 1 to 10, one being thin ankles and 10 being outrageously fat ankles, what are her chances of winning the nomination and the election? and i ask bill because he is wearing a funny red shirt. >> well, i have talked over this at length with my funny red shirt, and we both have come to the decision that she doesn't have a chance in hell, and i don't think she is going to run. i think especially if obama is serious about this -- >> why would obama run? isn't he in pakistan? >> greg, greg, greg. pick up a paper.
3:44 am
not one with cartoons in it. >> i think hillary could definitely win the democratic nomination, but i don't think there is anyway she could win a general election. >> why not? >> she sun likable, horrible -- she is a horrible public speaker. >> wow. >> andy, you look interesting there. >> have i to say, i did like it better when john favro was the host. >> that was somebody that ate john favro. not that i was anything to look at. >> oh no, you are beautiful. >> thank you. i was a fat, sweaty, bald, stench. >> i liked the original. a bunch of guys sitting around and chewing the fat. >> it is like you were a voyeur. >> the most amazing thing was we were allowed to smoke in there. remember? we were also kind of -- we were probably drunk. were we? >> i am going to say no? >> bill, let's go to you andy
3:45 am
first. what was your favorite moment? >> i don't know, but we had ken davidian from "borat" and there was a moment i thought how important my job was and what it meant to america. can i roll that? >> quickly, ken, greg wanted me to ask a question, did you get to ep could the gold shorts from "meet the spartans" and if he does, can he have them. >> what is your job title? do you come out halfway through and take notes. >> this is not on the show. >> this isn't? >> what kind of show does that, are you kidding me? >> who is this guy? >> have i no idea. >> he was scary. >> he was. >> a very nice guy. he had never seen the show and had no idea what this weird little man and why he was asking him questions.
3:46 am
>> i know you always made me nervous. you were the guest that made me the most nervous. >> why? >> a, you lived in my apartment building and we never talked. that was like on 43rd, years ago. you were a big star. >> i was a monumental nobody. you couldn't be next to a bigger zero right now. >> i remember i was always nervous. >> jim, we grew up watching you. >> we loved you. billy, what was your favorite moment? >> a very sports heavy show. so my favorite was on a personal level was throwing out the first pitch for the chicago white sox. i asked them. they didn't ask me, true. >> i tried. it was there, it was there.
3:47 am
what was your critique of my pitch? >> a little high. >> a little high? >> you need it get it down in the strike zone. >> in fairness i am a little high. there is a little stuff before the game. >> on a serious note we lost two people that had a prominent role in that package. they are in a better place now, miami. >> how does it make you feel when you are looking at these knowing that for over a year you shun all offers to come on our show? >> i was afraid the show would get me fired, and i am still surprised it didn't. i am happy i finally accepted. >> i remember walking through the halls and seeing her and saying what's up? she just goes like this. >> that's not true. that never happened. >> yes, it did. >> half of the time i would approach her, and she, like me, was drunk. i say, you think you are so great. you are just as drunk as me. >> we think every day the show will get us fired. >> i don't know what is happening even now.
3:48 am
this is not my favorite moment, but the moment that angered me the most. we had a guitarist named adam bomb on the show. i asked him to play guitar and answer every question that i had for him with a solo. what he didn't tell me was that at the end of it he was going to set fire to his guitar. >> we have to move on. thank you, adam bomb for being here. say goodbye. >> yes, rock and roll! >> thank you, adam. all right, everybody, stick around. we have more to come. >> i was a big ball of fat. the problem was i was laughing through that whole thing, but i thought we were fired. that was in the newsroom with sprinklers on the ceiling. if that had actually -- he didn't tell us he was doing that, and we could have all lost our jobs.
3:49 am
the entire newsroom would have been flooded. >> do you remember for a year the fire marshall alarm would go on in the middle of news shows. >> i assumed the next day we were gone. i never talked to adam again. i never talked to him again. he thought he did the greatest thing in the world. >> security came into the newsroom and we had to talk to them or you had to talk to them after the show, right? >> yes. it was bad. >> like the old expression, you climb the mountains and trip on the mole hills. all right, we have more. stick around.
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our fans ask what is the most popular moment or their favorite moment. this one ends up in the top three or top two. so it is me talking. >> finally, dan from redondo
3:54 am
beach, california, finally someone with a fine pallet who understands circus peanuts are the candies. are you my hero. i would like to age the open package on the dashboard for a um could days whenner they get crunchy on the outside. good. dan, i am so happy you get me and the joy of circus penis -- peanuts. >> that would be the name of your auto biography. the joy of circus penis by greg gutfeld. >> you make mistakes, but it is a good time to bring up our fans. we have had a loyal fan base that kept us going. >> they started their own website which is, as you know, the activity pit which still goes strong with a lot of people. >> now we have the twitter hash tag and the red eye hash
3:55 am
tag that goes nuts during the show with the fans. >> a lot of missed shows on the west coast. you get them here and it airs earlier. you would be surprised love you on "red eye." tremendous amount. >> do more people come to your shows ? >> it is hard to tell because you don't ask individually. a lot offer that they love me on "red eye" or have seen me. especially irvine, california, phoenix. >> i get that at my shows too. lately have i been getting those, especially on the west coast. >> and all of the weddings actually. >> they usually pet the donkey on the way out. >> i never really get i have seen you on "red eye." i get more i see you have pink eye. i need to wear sunglasses until the inflammation comes down. >> andy, what was your -- who is your favorite guest? >> wow, that's tough. greg probst is spectacular.
3:56 am
i like jim norton a lot. diane ma -- macedo. i like mark lamont hill. he is fun. but i don't know. i love them all equally, greg. they are like my children. >> paul provenza. >> he was such a great guest that we didn't want to have him back on for fear he wouldn't live up to the standards. >> he was such a great guest that two of our other guests who fought who would sit next to him. >> we had to split it up. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up. here, see clips of recent shows at red eye at fox news/red eye.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. on "the five" and andy will be doing" the willis report." >> watch


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